Forrest Fenn’s treasure is hidden since 2010. We have been working hard on finding explanations for his poem. During winter 18/19 we’ve got our solution –  it is consistent and quite simple.

We were (and still are) that conviced about it, that we planned and undertook a treasure-hunting-expedition in New Mexico in May 19. This was not a one-day-trip for us – we live in Switzerland! Four guys of us had some fun and exciting days in the Rocky Mountains. Our goal was to find the last clue (we know that it is necessary to be on site for that) – and of course – to find the treasure.

Unfortunately we didn’t find it. We underestimated the weather in May in the mountains of New Mexico. There was still too much melting water in ‚our‘ canyon and we even got some snowfall. Althought we reached the place that we wanted, it was not possible to search there as intensive as it would have been necessary. 

We really would like to go back for another attempt. But for us it’s just too expensive and time-consuming to go for another searching-expedition. 

So we decided to share our solution with the community in this blog. You will find here our solution, our treasure-map and some videos with the description of our attempt.

Our solution leads us from Valles Caldera to a Canyon of Rio de las Vacas near San Pedro Parks Wilderness where we startet our BOTG.

We managed it up to the ‚frog-rock‘ (see our latest video)…

…but from there was no way but going into the water. And that was not possible at this time.

So we would really be happy if soeone over there could finish our BOTG. You’ll find the instruction what to look for in our latest video. But please be careful – don’t go in the canyon when there is too much water or bad weather forecast or if you don’t feel comfortable.

Have fun – and we are looking forward to your experiences and photos: get_it_now !