our solution

to be followed by further videos step by step within the next weeks.


Video No. Title  
1 Introduction published
2 Architecture of the Poem published
3 Begin it where warm waters halt published
4 and take it in the canyon down – not far but too far to walk planned
5 put it in below the home of brown planned
6 From there theres no place for the meek – the end is ever drawing night planned
7 there is no paddeling up your creek planned
8 just heavy loads… planned
9 and water high – if youv’e been wise and found the blaze planned
10 Just quick look down your quest to cease planned
11 Architecture of the Poem – 2 planned
12 not yet named 2 planned
13 But tarry scant with Marvel glace – just take the chest and go in Peace planned
14 Further Detailed search at the spot. planned